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PO Plastic Film Green House Covering

2022 agricultural PO plastic film greenhouse covering materials. The film size can be customized according to your request. The service life can be 3-5 years.

*Feature: waterproof, moisture-proof and sun-proof, anti-aging, easy to fold

*Application: rain protection tarps & covers, plastic fruit tree cover, grain storage, greenhouse cover, tunnel cover, etc


1- Processing : Blow Molding Type

2- Materials: New Polyethylene with UV treated

3- Thickness: 6 Mils. PO film

4- Size: Customized 

5- Color: Clear Sky Blue



High Quality Plastic Mulch Film

1.25 Mil  * BLACK * Standard, Embossed Plastic that resists tearing, flapping in the wind and expanding on sunny days.    Lays down nicely, no need to worry about tractor speed. 1.25 Mil is better for longer crops, if your soil is rocky or you’re looking for a little extra strength.  The thicker plastic gives you added protection and is preferred by  many growers.   This is the most common plastic for strawberries and when double cropping.


1- Size from 36", 48", or 52" widths.

2- Color: Black


Mulch Film Layer Machine


-Dimension 1350 * 900 * 700mm
-Match power Above 8HP(walking tractor)
-Weight 65KG
-Working width 1200(mm)

-Working depth 30-50(mm)
-Planting rows 2
-Row distance 250-500(mm)(adjustable)

-Hole distance 170-350(mm)(adjustable)
-Operational efficiency 2-3 acres / hour
-Function fertilization, planting, spraying, mulch layer


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